Monday, August 6, 2012


You've summoned me

My name is Ai Enma

This is for you If you truely seek revenge

Untie the scarlet thread from his neck

I will take your tormentor and deliever his soul straight unto the dephts of hell

However once vengence has been served

You must deliever on your end of the bargain

There always has to be a price And so when you die

Your soul will also belong to hell (But not unitl you die of course)

You will never know the joys of heaven

Your soul will be left to wander in pain an agony

There to remain for all of eternity And now ... the decision rests with you

This is vengence So I am to ferry you to hell

Your grievance Shall be avenged

Oh, pitiful soul clothed in darkness,

your actions cause men pain and suffering,

thy hollow soul drowns in thy sins,

how would you like to see what death is like. . .

Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness...

Bringing torment and pain to others...

Oh d**ned soul wallowing in your sin...

Perhaps its time to die..